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We have two new, modern horse
trailers available for equine
transport.  One Sundowner 6
horse slant and one two horse
Kiefer.  Both are extra high and
extra wide, have extra size
dressing rooms, ramps, windows
and over head vents.  The 6 horse
slant has drop down windows with
grates.  Both are equipped with
surveillance cameras with
infrared for night observation.
Price varies depending upon
distance, number of loaded and
unloaded miles and the number
of horses being transported.  Our
rates are quoted by the trip and
are as reasonable as possible.  
Please call 315-737-8862 for a
price quote

Equine Transport
Riding and Driving Lessons
Horseback riding and working around horses offers many positive benefits for a student's
physical and emotional health.  There is something for everyone in horses. Riding can be as
strenuous and physically challenging as any other sport. On the other hand, it can be a
relaxing, stress reliever. We provide instruction to riders from beginner to advanced caliber
equestrians. Everyone in the family can participate. Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, young, and
young at heart can all enjoy learning about horsemanship.  Realistic goals are set for each
rider according to what they strive to do with horses. Your goals are our goals.  Not
interested in riding but looking for a way to work with and be around horses?  Well, you are
in luck! We also offer cart driving lessons.  Less strenuous, but still challenging, exciting,
and rewarding!

Our riding and driving lessons are offered at the cost of $30 per session. Lessons include 30
minutes of riding or driving time. Students learn all the basics of strong position and
horsemanship. As the rider's or driver's balance and experience improves, they begin to
learn techniques for controlling their horse and expanding their knowledge of equine
psychology. Lessons also include time learning to groom, tack up, lead and handle horses. As
students advance, they will be able to prepare their horses for their lesson before their ride
and know how to properly put them away. Students will have the opportunity to ride in
private lessons as well as in group lessons. The group lessons typically run longer than 30

Whether you want to ride or drive in the show ring or just be comfortable out on the trail, we
serve everyone with enthusiasm and excellence.   There is also the opportunity to lease our
lesson horses to show in academy/beginner classes at many horse shows so that the student
can get a "taste" of the show ring without having to make a commitment to purchase their
own horse.

Riding and driving packages are offered buy five lesson
s get the sixth one free.  We also
offer gift certificates.
High Mark Hackney Harness Pony at Twin State Octoberfest

Only the best in care for
your horse, we offer daily
stall cleaning, feeding twice
daily, haying 3 times daily
and watering as necessary.
At Dar Maur Manor, we
recognize the importance of
each horses individual
dietary needs, and offer
customized diets including
daily supplements as
requested by the owner.
Daily turnout is offered at no
additional cost.

Just Horsin' Around
Quinn and Erica celebrating
their one-two finish
Danielle and Freddie. First
time in the show ring and a
blue ribbon ride.
Paige and Phoebe showing what
it's like to show a park horse.
Dar Maur Manor Academy students getting
ready to show their stuff!
Sidney and Finn after two great rides
Tom and Erica after a blue ribbon drive
The "Kids" of Dar Maur Manor
Lesson Instructor, Laura DeStefanis with academy
rider Quinn Mullin
Quinn, Sweet Pea and proud
papa, Steve.
Jordan and Finn having a great show!
Juliana and Amelia and Juliana's proud
The Dar Maur Crew relaxing
after a successful day at the
horse show.